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What causes wrinkles?

What causes wrinkles in older people? Sometimes wrinkles are caused by the muscles under your skin getting less firm; you begin to see the effects of gravity as the skin lying over the muscles begins to sag or fold a little. Sometimes wrinkles are caused by the lower layers of your skin loosing some of their plumpness so your skin begins to fold or wrinkle a bit. Or you may simply be having such a fabulous time over many, many years that your laughing yields a few “laugh lines.” That’s when those impermanent wrinkles I mentioned earlier do finally become permanent.

Please remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkles, but there are some things you can do to avoid getting EXTRA wrinkles!

1. Don’t spend lots of time in direct sunlight, especially in the summer, without wearing a hat and/or sunscreen. You should never get burned!
2. And, don’t smoke!! If you don’t care that smoke can lead to things like lung cancer, then consider how craggy your face can come to look if you smoke throughout your life! Why look ancient before your time?

Worried, don’t fall prey to stories about cures (the affects of things like wrinkle creams are rarely permanent). When you do get a wrinkle, I want you to stand tall. And wear your wrinkles as proudly as I do. For you humans, wrinkles are likely to be a sign of wisdom.

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